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3D Cancer Organoid

CLECELL cultivates cancer cells derived from the human body and promotes the production of a tissue model with a 3D structure that is similar to cancer.
The use of 3D cancer organoids for susceptibility testing of anticancer drugs that respond differently to each patient is expected to aid in the provision of the most appropriate cancer treatment for patients.
CLECELL 3D bioprinter uses low-viscosity collagen and enables the production of complex structures.
We can provide an optimal solution for simulating complex structures of human organs.
Confocal microscope image (Carl Zeiss, LSM 510)_ Collagen duct (width HMEC cell)
CLECELL searches for an opportunity to produce cancer organoids for many deadly cancer types in collaboration with researchers and clinicians in Korea and overseas.

Ultimately, we aim to complete an anti-cancer drug susceptibility assessment model optimized for patient-specific characteristics at early stage.
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