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Artificial Skin

Using 3D bioprinting technologies, we are to create artificial skin that is nearly identical to human skin.

Advantages of CLECELL’s 3D bioprinter
to create Artificial Skin

  1. Reducing the time required for artificial skin production.

  2. Saving the time and efforts required to create manually.

  3. Reducing skin(shape) deformation due to shrinkage.

  4. Providing a cure to adjust the thickness and implement skin injuries such as freckles and nevus.

FT model.png

Anti-aging research
by embodying rete ridge

CLECELL's artificial skin can be used for anti-aging research by embodying rete ridge(epidermal ability) that flattens as aging progresses.


Alternative for animal testing

CLECELL promotes the substitution of animal experiments in various skin studies by demonstrating normal skin and the morphology of skin changes due to the effects of diseases such as dermatitis and diabetes.

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