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Business Area

We would like to present a revolutionary entry-level product called, U-FAB ACTIVO which will be released around the 3rd quarter of 2022. Our high-end model, U-FAB MASTER has been released since 2020.

CLECELL plans to add cell culture feature, and enhance higher resolution model to , and promote the production of occlusive wound dressing, ophthalmology, and odontobothritis.
Artificial Skin Model
After establishing an artificial skin production protocol using a 3D bioprinter in June 2020, Our R&D team aims to produce artificial skin much closer to actual skin.

Short-term application of this technology is to perform tests on artificial skin toxicity and new drugs while increasing the reliability of testing and using the product of cell culture as a skin and cartilage graft.
3D Cancer Organoid
3D crosslinking structure of cancer cells(Glioblastoma, Basal cell carcinoma , and  Mammary epithelial cells) using 3D bioprinting technology building  3D cancer organoid that embodies the microenvironment of cancer tissue in the human body.

We aim to perform anticancer drug sensory analysis and expand the target to carcinoma, opening a new horizon for cancer treatment.
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