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Joining the Bio International Convention 2022, "Looking for a Global Partnership"

* June 13 (Monday) to June 15 (Wed) 2022

* San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

At the 2022 Bio International Convention-San Diego, Clecell Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeon Kyung-hwi, Lee Dong-hyuk) participated and unveiled the 3D bioprinter U-FAB ACTIVO. The largest bioindustry exhibition in the United States, Bio USA 2022, was attended by Clecell in June, showcasing the quality of Korean biotech technological advancement.

"Bio USA" is a complete convention event hosted by the U.S. Bio Association, the largest bio-company association in the world, where major pharmaceutical firms from across the world (Big Pharma) and potential biotech startups can exhibit, organize seminars, and form technology investment alliances.

The business forum, which serves as a venue for active technological and commercial interactions between bio-health firms, is anticipated to serve as a springboard for the development of business outcomes including technology transfer and the drawing of outside investment from numerous local and international businesses and embassies.

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