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Participation in the Asia-Pacific Society of Tissue Engineering Regeneration (TERMIS-AP) in 2022


* Date : October 5th (Wed) - 8th (Sat) 2022

* Location : ICC Jeju International Convention Center – Jeju Island

The 3D bioprinter U-FAB ACTIVO was unveiled by Clecell at the 2022 TERMIS-AP (Jeju Island) conference. 75 organizations and businesses that came to the exhibition booth have shown a keen interest in collaborating with us.

A prominent keynote speaker and more than 60 symposia, student and up-and-coming researcher programs, and various other exchange activities are open under the topic of the New Chapter of Future Regenerative Medicine. 1,200 individuals from 35 nations participated and attended. Through presentations of our U-FAB Activo, we have increased awareness and attracted partners by taking part in and attending the exhibition by a number of research institutes and researchers in the Asia-Pacific area that is relevant to regenerative medicine and pharmaceuticals.

With 1,350 attendees from 33 countries, encompassing North America and Europe as well as the Asia-Pacific, the conference was the biggest among the regional academic conferences of the International Society for Organizational Engineering and Regeneration. Since its founding in 2005, the International Association of Organizational Engineering and Rehabilitation Medicine has organized academic conferences in three different continents each year: Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. Every three years, it also hosts a global conference. The Asia-Pacific Regional Conference took place in Daegu in 2014, while the World Congress took place in Seoul in 2009.

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